About Drainology™

Drainology™ is the scientific discipline established to study questions related to drainage of the chest.

Drainology stands for the evidenced based approach to chest drainage therapy. Drainology™ is also a medically guided think tank, a global network of surgeons, and the premier education, innovation, and research organization for the treatment of patients who may require chest drainage after surgery or for therapeutic reasons.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a medical/surgical discipline focused on chest drainage to provide the scientific platform for improved patient care.

Our Mission

Our mission is fostering excellence in the care of patients who may require chest drainage, through scientific research, technological innovation, and dissemination of knowledge.


These are the principles of Drainology™ that are the focus of all activities:

  • To discuss and educate on the purpose and function of chest drains
  • To determine the optimal duration of chest drain use
  • To determine the type of drainage system according to indication and thoracic space to be drained
  • To define and understand complications associated with chest drain management in order to prevent or best manage their occurrence
  • To study benefit/risk ratios to inform and optimize decision-making