Eric Lim


Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, Royal Brompton Hospital
Professor of Thoracic Surgery, Imperial College London

Education, Training and Positions

Professor Eric Lim is a Consultant Thoracic Surgeon at the Royal Brompton Hospital and Professor of Thoracic Surgery at the National Heart and Lung Institute of Imperial College London. He received his undergraduate medical education at the University of Sheffield Medical School. His specialist heart and lung surgical training was at Papworth Hospital in Cambridge and the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. He spent time in medical research in Cambridge where he was awarded a Doctorate of Medicine and in research methods London where he received his Masters of Science in Medical Statistics funded by a UK Medical Research Council Scholarship.

Practice Areas

Professor Lim is a sub-specialist in Thoracic Surgery with specific expertise in lung and other chest cancers. His technical expertise is minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery for lung cancer, pleural effusion, pneumothorax and other chest cancers, as well as complex surgery for advanced lung cancer involving airway and blood vessel reconstruction (to save as much normal lung as possible).

Other Interests

He is the national chair for thoracic academia with an active interest in clinical trials serving as Chief Investigator for UK wide National Institute of Healthcare Research funded multicentre trials of surgery for mesothelioma (MARS 2) and VATS lobectomy (VIOLET).

Research and Publications

Membership in Professional Societies

Professor Lim chaired the British Thoracic Society and Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery’s Guidelines on the Management of Lung Cancer in 2010, contributed to the European Society of Medical Oncology Early Stage Lung Cancer Guidelines in 2013 and European Neuroendocrine Tumours Management of Bronchopulmonary Carcinoids Guidelines in 2014.

Editorial Positions

Deputy Statistics Editor for the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

Why I am passionate about Drainology™

"Drainology allows patients to recover better and return home faster after thoracic surgery."

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