Drainology at EACTS 2022 in Milan

1 September 2022

Joint Focus Session on Drainology:
Saturday, October 8, 2022, 2.00-3.30 PM CEST

Chair: Francesco Di Chiara

Speakers: Stephen D. Cassivi, Giovanni M. Comacchio, Patrick Dorn, Daniel T. Engelman, Theodor Fischlein, Bo Laksáfoss Holbek and Bernd Niemann


  • The concept of drainology
  • Variations in chest drain management in cardiac and thoracic surgery
  • Digital drains in cardiac surgery
  • Evidence-based chest drain management
  • Retained blood syndrome after cardiac surgery
  • Impact of a standardized protocol for chest tube managment after VATS pulmonary resections on post-operative outcomes
  • Evaluation of fluid output threshold for safe chest tube removal after pulmonary surgery – A potential way to decrease length of stay in hospital and to improve postoperative care after lung surgery? A single center randomized controlled trial

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